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Disk Drive Components Division
What we do: We design and manufacture suspension assemblies for disk drives. You will find our suspensions in virtually every size and type of disk drive…from those used in desktop and notebook PCs to those used in enterprise computing. Our suspensions can also be found in consumer electronics devices such as digital video recorders and personal storage devices.
Our product: Suspension assemblies precisely position the recording head above the disk and provide the electrical connection from the recording head to the disk drive’s circuitry.
The value we bring: Suspension assemblies are critical to disk drive performance and have helped enable the remarkable combination of increasing disk drive storage capacity and declining prices.

Our Digital World

As a supplier to the disk drive industry, we are part of a unique, exciting and demanding industry.

Product Overview

Suspension assemblies are the product of sophisticated engineering design and process development.

Our Industry

Digital content is growing exponentially, and disk drives are the leading technology for storing all those bits and bytes.

Technology Leadership

We stay ahead of the technology curve through continued investment in research and development of new products and process capabilities.