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Technology Leadership
Keeping up with the disk drive industry’s development pace requires a focused effort on developing new products and the processes to produce them.  Through research and working closely with customers, we identify technology trends, market needs and customer requirements, with the goal of providing the right product first. We continue to invest in new product and process capabilities that are needed to meet current and emerging customer requirements.
Product Development for Enhanced Disk Drive Performance
Continual advances in disk drive technology require suspension assemblies with specialized designs, expanded functionality and greater precision.   We develop suspension assembly products that address disk drive performance challenges such as the use of smaller read/write heads, increased data density, improved reliability and reduced data access time. 
Design and Development Partner for Unmatched Speed to Market
We strive to be designed-in first on customers’ new disk drive programs, and then earn preferred supplier status as programs transition to high-volume production. We offer rapid prototyping and fast ramps to volume production to support our customers’ requirements for time to market. 
Superior Quality and Reliability for Lowest Total Cost
To maintain preferred supplier status, we manufacture our products reliably at high volume and competitive cost, with little to no part-to-part variation. We develop proprietary manufacturing processes and controls necessary to meet ever-increasing requirements.  We work collaboratively with our customers to achieve our shared cost, quality and performance goals.