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Our Digital World
As a supplier to the disk drive industry, we are part of a unique, exciting and demanding industry. It’s an industry that has delivered sensational boosts in disk drive storage capacity and access speeds, along with amazing reductions in size and cost.
The combination of increased disk drive capacity and falling prices has fueled the Information Age and created new opportunities for disk drives in consumer electronics devices. It’s hard to imagine a world without disk drives.
Creating, accessing and sharing digital content are a part of our everyday life. We take pictures and send them to family and friends. We download music. We record TV shows on digital video recorders. We use the Internet for everything from paying bills to getting directions to a new restaurant.
Disk drives are the workhorses behind this digital scene. They deliver, manage and store the content that enables our information-on-demand world. Disk drives are the leading data storage technology due to the ever-increasing cost and performance advantages they offer over alternatives.
We supply suspension assemblies to all the leading disk drive manufacturers. We work in close collaboration with each of them to understand their needs and deliver products that help them advance their technology. And, we strive to do it faster and better than our competition.
We’re proud to be a key worldwide supplier of suspension assemblies and are excited to be a part of the increasing role that disk drives play connecting people ... in every corner of the world.