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Career Profiles: Engineering
Engineers at HTI push the limits of technology every day. From developing smaller, more cost-effective suspension assemblies to creating product designs that enhance disk drive performance, our engineers are charged with developing products and processes to meet customers' advancing requirements.

Our engineers have a passion for precision and accuracy down to the nanometer. They work with design tolerances that are one-sixth the size of a human hair and are responsible for sophisticated manufacturing processes that produce parts at the rate of one per second. They deliver suspension assemblies that are thinner than a piece of paper, yet robust enough to withstand shock, wind and vibration inside a spinning disk drive.

Designing leading-edge suspension assemblies and the processes to produce them requires the expertise of a variety of engineering disciplines including:

Chemical Engineering - Our chemical engineers work with more than 20 chemical processes including: utilization of polymers, plasma etching, photoetching, electrochemical deburring, chemical plating and coating application.

Electrical Engineering- Automation is a key aspect of our advanced processes, and we depend on our electrical engineers to design, source, integrate and maintain the components and systems for our highly advanced automated manufacturing units.

Industrial Engineering- Our industrial engineers are involved in developing equipment layouts, methods improvements, analyzing capacity, reducing contamination and optimizing efficiency in order to keep our processes running effectively.

Material Science - Understanding the properties of the complex materials used to produce our product is critical to producing a quality product. Our materials science engineers are involved in material analysis and evaluation, contamination and failure analysis, material characterization and material requirement specification.

Mechanical Engineering Our mechanical engineers work on product, process and/or tool design and development. They apply their problem-solving skills and testing abilities to current and new production processes and are involved in all aspects of product development from concept to high volume manufacturing.

Optical Engineering - With their strong, fundamental understanding of physics and light, our optical engineers contribute to product designs and processes by creating accurate models of light sources, optical surfaces, optical coatings and structural materials.