Career Profiles
Hutchinson Technology is home to creative and talented employees who are passionate about advancing technology in ways never thought possible.  From the precision of our suspension assemblies to breakthrough new products, such as our SMA-OIS Actuator for cell phones, we strive to challenge the conventional by pushing technology to its limits.  

At HTI, you have the advantages of working for an international company while maintaining the visibility and recognition of a small company.  In our dynamic business environment, youíll be given the opportunity to advance technology for our global customers while developing new skills and abilities that will advance your career.

We bring together the best minds from a variety of engineering disciplines to develop solutions to tough technology challenges.  Those disciplines include chemical, electrical, industrial, material science, mechanical and optical engineering.  Whether you're interested in product, process or design engineering, we can help you develop and expand your engineering career.

Our technicians work closely with engineers in a variety of technical roles.  Whether in manufacturing, quality, maintenance or development, our technicians use their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to develop industry-leading solutions. 

Machinists & Toolmakers
Precision tooling is critical to producing the intricate features on our suspension assemblies.  With tooling tolerances measured in millionths of an inch, our machinists and toolmakers produce some of the most precise and complex tooling in the industry.  If youíre ready to take your career to the next level of precision, consider a position as an HTI machinist or toolmaker.

Recent Graduates, Interns & Co-ops
Make your mark in the real world.  If youíre ready to put your classroom theory into practice, consider HTI as the place to start your career. If you want to gain a competitive edge before you enter the workforce, consider a co-op or internship position.  Check our recruiting events schedule to see us on campus or see our openings for immediate opportunities.

Our administrative/professionals play an important role in running our business. They share their expertise in fields such as accounting, clinical services, information technology, marketing, training, materials and various scientific disciplines.  If you donít want to watch from the sidelines, consider an administrative/professional position at HTI where you can make a direct impact.