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About Hutchinson Technology

While many technology companies were founded in someone's garage, our origins are a bit more fitting with our Midwest roots. Hutchinson Technology was founded in 1965 in a former chicken coop.

Utilizing our core photoetching technology, we produced a wide variety of precision components including

  • Magnetic, optical, and electrostatic positioning sensors for computer peripherals
  • Fonts for impact printers
  • Spectrometer filters for satellites
  • Reactor and diffusor items for submarines
  • Circuitry and cases for pacemakers.

During the early years, we expanded our competency beyond photoetching to include expertise in precision measurement, optics, electroplating, forming, and laminating.

In the 1970s, we focused our acquired skills on the computer peripherals market and became a worldwide supplier of suspension assemblies. We delivered millions of components per week and became experts in high volume precision manufacturing, using sophisticated quality control systems and highly automated processes.

Hutchinson Technology became a subsidiary of TDK Corporation in 2016, creating the world's largest vertically integrated supplier of suspension assemblies. Our expertise fits well within TDK's core technology strengths in materials, process, production, and device manufacturing. 

Today we continue to supply suspension assemblies to the disk drive market. In addition, we are applying our manufacturing expertise and process technologies in markets that need precise and complex components in high volumes. These new products include optical image stabilizers for cell phones and surgical devices.

As technology drives toward smaller, more precise, multi-technology components delivered in high volume, Hutchinson Technology looks forward to both the advance of present applications and the emergence of new ones.